About Us

We provide complete building management

24/7/365 Nonstop CONTROL CENTRE
60 minutes Guaranteed arrival
Garantovaný dojezd příslušného technika
All over the CR + 3 European countries

Our company is a holder of the ISO certification for the ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 standards

History and development of the company

Our company has been operating on the market since 1990 (Elektroservis, later FaCility servis) and to its present form (Limited Liability Company) it was transformed in 2008. In 2014 it was replaced by FFF Service CZ & SK. s.r.o. due to its expansion to Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Quality and comprehensive services

We are a modern and progressive business company specialised in technical facility management and provision of comprehensive, customer support services. The basic point of view is always maximum customisation corresponding to the requirements and ideas of the client with application of a highly professional approach. Our company is insured against damage at Česká pojišťovna up to CZK 30 million.

Servis a komplexnost je nedílnou součástí technické správy budov

W H O   A R E   O U R   C U S T O M E R S ?


Our employees

Our employees are professionals in their field of activity. They are regularly trained by authorised suppliers from the Czech Republic and abroad. We provide our clients with highly professional advisory, preventative, maintenance, as well as emergency activities. All of them are equipped with the Würth and Mannesmann tools.


It is just the possibility of use of a wide range of operational experience, methodological and process knowledge and administrative skills that enables us to offer our customers a comprehensive set of services ensured at a highly professional and comprehensive level.

Complete offer of our services

All services provided by our company are provided exclusively by our own employees.