Cleaning Services

Úklidové služby FFF Service CZ & SK s.r.o.

We provide regular and one-time cleaning services for companies, offices and commercial buildings or cleaning services for households. We take care of the cleanliness of adjacent open spaces and the safety of public areas in the wintertime. You can also take advantage of our cleaning services for cleaning windows and after painting or other craftsmanship activities. We also offer mechanical carpet cleaning (from 100 m²) using modern Kärcher carpet extractors.

Cleaning of Companies and Offices

We provide comprehensive cleaning services for commercial and non-residential spaces and adjacent areas using our own cleaning technology and trained staff.

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Housekeeping and Window Cleaning

We offer regular and one-time cleaning of your household, flat or house and the surrounding area. General cleaning or window and carpet cleaning.

We offer the following cleaning services:

  • cleaning of hotels and hotel complexes
  • cleaning of offices and commercial spaces
  • cleaning of households and apartment buildings
  • mechanical carpet cleaning from 100 m²
  • window cleaning and cleaning of other glass surfaces
  • maintenance of green areas and flowerbeds
  • cleaning of commercial spaces
  • spring, winter and general cleaning
  • regular and one-time cleaning
  • Christmas and Easter cleaning

Complete offer of our services

All services provided by our company are provided exclusively by our own employees.