Economic Facility Management

Ekonomická správa nemovitostí FFF Service CZ & SK s.r.o.

Economic facility management means all activities connected with economy issues concerning standard operation of the building. We provide complete advisory services while using our long years of experience. We do not make any decisions for the client, but we are able to provide very effective advice.


  • Estimated cost budget
  • Contractual assurance of deliveries of services and supplies necessary for facility operation
  • Regular monthly collection of service charges (electricity consumption for common premises, heat, cold and domestic hot water, etc.), including checks of payments and reminders for debtors
  • Regular monthly collection of means to the repair fund / rent fund, including checks of payments and reminders for debtors
  • Determination of advance payment amounts for owners and co-operative members
  •  Annual summary rendering of accounts for cold water, domestic hot water, heat and other services for individual units (both overpayments and deficits) in accordance with applicable regulations
  • Backtracking of advance payments keeping a proper record of persons using apartments
  • Cooperation at recovery of receivables
  • Keeping proper records of the building and technical conditions of the building

Complete offer of our services

All services provided by our company are provided exclusively by our own employees.