Emergency Service and Control Room

New technical control room 24/7

Since November 2011, we have established a technical control room with 24/7 non-stop operation mode for contractual partners. Our emergency service provides a free green line for contractial clients.

Nový technický dispečink 24/7.
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Arrival of technique within 60 minutes

The guaranteed time of arrival of our technicians at the calling client’s place is within 60 minutes of calling. The competent technician will already arrive at the site with accurate information about the defect. This arrival time is carefully monitored by our internal software.

Dispečink 24/7 | FFF Service CZ & SK s.r.o.

Specialised dispatchers supervise many building management systems on a remote basis, informing the competent technicians promptly of any deficiency or failure of the technology.

Power supply failures

Our electricians provide expert servicing of electrical installations such as minor maintenance, expert inspections, repairs of electrical installations and appliances, as well as complete inspections of power supply distribution systems.

Poruchy elektřiny
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Water pipeline accidents

Plumbing services are provided by our experienced plumbers. We provide small repairs in the households and professional maintenance of buildings, including hotel premises. We perform regular inspections to reduce the risk of accidents and failures.

Complete offer of our services

All services provided by our company are provided exclusively by our own employees.